Meals available to purchase from our factory outlet shop:

8-10 Nairana St, Invermay, Launceston

Homestyle meals in minutes

(complete Meals microwave reheat)           FROZEN           GF=(gluten free.)  


Curried Sausages with Potato & Veg GF

Beef Stroganoff with Potato & Veg GF

Sausages in gravy with Potato & Veg GF

Beef Guinness with Potato & Veg GF

Rissoles in Gravy with Potato & Veg GF

Lamb Curry with Potato & Veg GF

Thai Chicken Curry with Rice GF

NEW Butter Chicken with Rice GF

NEW Beef Hot Pot with Potato & Veg GF

NEW Lemongrass Chicken with Potato & Veg GF

Beef Lasagne

NEW Sweet Sour Chicken with rice GF

NEW Chicken Ala King with Potato & Veg GF

NEW Apple Parsnip Pork with Potato & Veg GF



Meals in Minute for One roast meals served with mashed potato, mashed vegetable medley and gravy or sauce.

FROZEN               GF=(gluten free.)                            


Roast Chicken GF

Roast Pork GF

Roast Beef GF

Roast Lamb GF

Silverside with white sauce and Potato Mash

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Cottage Pie



Gourmet Range                


NEW Mediterranean Lamb With Potato Veg

Barramundi with Mashed and Steamed Veg.

Pork Belly, potato and veg.

NEW Italian Meatballs in tomato Sauce Spaghetti

Menu subject to Change and product Availability.


Premium Café.

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NEW Chicken Breast, Lemon beurre Blanc Sauce with mashed potato and seasonal vegetable.           



NEW Tasmanian Salmon, Basil & Orange Butter Sauce, Rustic Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables



NEW Garlic Marinated Chicken Thigh, lemon thyme Jus, Mashed Potato and Vegetables        



NEW Slow Cooked Lamb Rump with Rosemary & Thyme Jus, mashed potato and vegetables



NEW Pork Belly with red cabbage and apple Sauce, mashed potato and vegetables



NEW Tasmanian Curried Scallops with Rice  



NEW Barramundi - Dill Sauce with Sweet Potato Mash and Vegetable



Butter Chicken with duo rice and green beans



Beef stroganoff with rustic mashed potato and green beans