Homestyle meals in minutes. 
(complete meals - microwave reheat)
FROZEN  GF=(gluten free)  
Curried Sausages with Potato and Veg GF
Beef Stroganoff with Potato and Veg GF
Sausages in gravy with Potato & Veg GF
Beef Guinness with Potato & Veg GF
Rissoles in Gravy with Potato & Veg GF
Lamb Curry with Potato & Veg GF
Beef Hot Pot with Potato & Veg GF
Beef Lasagne
Chicken ala King with Potato & Veg GF
Roast Chicken Potato & Veg
Roast Pork Potato & Veg
Roast Beef Potato & Veg
Roast Lamb Potato & Veg
Silverside with white sauce and potato mash GF
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Cottage Pie GF
Chicken Schnitzel     $9.90
Chicken Parmigiana  $9.90
Barramundi with Mashed potato and Steamed Veg. GF    $10.90
Pork Belly with Mash Potato and Veg. GF                      $10.90
Italian Meatballs in tomato Sauce with Spaghetti.            $10.90
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